Found Simplicity

Sometimes things get complicated quickly, and a wedding is certainly no exception. I have been to many in my life that were, but not this one. Max and Cassidy’s wedding celebration on the last day of 2022 demonstrated a refreshing simplicity but lacked nothing; its focus remained on Christ and on enjoying and honoring the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman who particularly wanted to honor Christ on their special day while sharing it with their family and closest friends. The groom demonstrated the love of Christ for his bride in his actions all weekend, and the bride was both radiant and joyful, reflecting her love for Christ, but demanding nothing. This was a wedding that honored him in its simplicity, its purity, and its love.

Please don't read anything into this post that is not there. I am not condemning anyone's choice of wedding types; I am commending an unusual young couple in this day and age for wanting to honor Christ while having a beautiful yet uncomplicated wedding day. There was a comfortableness of having mostly immediate family around, and it was a pleasure to follow these two around capturing moments to look back at and remember and celebrate and laugh about years down the road, to cherish the hugs and smiles and kisses of loved ones over and over again.

I speak of this simplicity because I also had more insight into the thought behind this wedding than many I attend. My husband performed the wedding, and we had the opportunity to meet with this young couple in our home over a period of several weeks this fall as they received wedding counseling. In this wedding I found a refreshing simplicity that imitated the gospel both Max and Cassidy proclaim. I am so glad to have been a small part of their special day, in the reflection of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ in each of them.

And did I mention how tall Max is . . . he made my 6-foot-tall husband look very tiny! This beautiful couple had already won my heart over, but this weekend they cemented that love. :) Congratulations, Max and Cassidy! May the LORD bless and keep you both in your journey through this world.