Josh & Emma

Backstory: young girl sits in desk three hours away in my father's 8th grade science class. Fast forward to Tallassee (where all roads from Sand Mt. lead apparently, #IYKYK), and I meet the grown-up version of this girl at a dance recital while waiting for our daughters to practice. Then, a few years later I teach her sweet daughter, whom I grow to love dearly. If a teacher can admit to having favorites, I claim her!

Last week, a boy who also once sat in my English class at THS called and asked me to catch a surprise engagement on a bitterly cold day at sunset on Lake Talisi. I realized I hadn't gotten all the details and had no idea to whom he was proposing. When they were too far away for me to see who she was, I heard her laugh and knew that blonde-haired young lady was my sweet Emma, the daughter of the girl who sat in my father's class so many years ago. She said yes, and they are writing a different story now, one that I pray will bring glory to God and lots of joy along the way for them. This was an intersection with a backstory, and it was a blessing to capture. Congratulations, you two! I love you both.